Russian sparkling wine SEMI-DRY ROSE

GRAPE VARIETIES: Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Aligoté
This wine immediately catches the eye due to its very beautiful rose colour with a ruby glow,
and long-lasting play of bubbles. Its delicate and fresh aroma is full of tones of red forest
berries, with hints of raspberries and wild strawberries. Its full and silky taste preserves an
excellent balance between a fruity sweetness and acidity, culminating in a pleasant
This delicate wine is perfect for romantic evenings, and is a splendid gastronomic pairing for
berry desserts.

79,95 DKK Pr. fl. v/6 stk. (75 cl.) 99,95 DKK Pr. fl. v/1 stk. (75 cl.)

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