Mega Zin Zinfandel

Color: Dark blueish red
Aroma: Fruity aroma with hints of chocolate, vanilla, blueberry and spices.
Taste: Generous fruit with hints of blackberries, blueberries and plums stored in American
oak to maximize the flavor and give the wine a touch of chocolate and coffee.
Food pairing: Mega Zin Zinfandel matches good with all kinds of meat, especially American dishes
like burgers, pulled pork, beef chili and ribs. 

Production and maturation:
 The wine is made from selected vineyards of Zinfandel in the Central Valley of California. The refined use of oak barrels for fermentation gives the wine power and a complex character.
Origin: USA
Region: California
Classification: Wine of California
Varietal composition: Zinfandel