Denim Zinfandel

Color: Dark Red
Aroma: A delicious and very oaky aroma in a generous style with notes of forest fruit, oak, mint and vanilla.
Taste: The flavor is spicy and rich with concentrated fruit flavors of blackberry, ripe plums and fresh
red raspberries. 
Food pairing: The wine goes well with flavorsome dishes of red meat, lamb, pasta and tapas. The subtle use of oak maturation evens out the tannin structure and creates a gentle finish. 

Production and maturation: The grapes comes from the sub-region of Lodi in California, often called the capital of Zinfandel in California. The complex character of the flavors comes from the fermentation in oak, which gives the wine its strength and body.   
Origin: USA
Region: Lodi, California
Classification: AVA Lodi
Varietal composition: Zinfandel